Hi, Im Liz Atherton. I am a Life & Spiritual Coach, International Psychic Medium, Author, NLP Practitioner, Meditation Teacher, and reiki practitioner. I am also the owner and CEO of Conscious Care Publishing.

My psychic mediumship skills are predominately Clairvoyant (clear seeing), Clairaudience (clear hearing), Clairsentinent (clear feeling), Clairsentient (clear sensing), Clairalient (clear smelling) and Remote Viewing to help you gain clarity on your life and current issues.

During most readings I will connect and channel your passed over loved one and your spirit guides. I will validate your loved ones who present themselves with specific descriptions and give you proof of survival in the afterlife and you will receive guidance, love and support to help you move forward from the current position you are in and bring through acknowledgement of some of the happy or difficult times that you have endured and also those in spirit.

My goal is to bring you better clarity and knowledge that there is in fact life after death. Having a reading with me will bring you peace that your loved ones continue to live on when you feel like their life has finished.

I also conduct workshops in Mind Chatter based on my book Mind Chatter That Matters, where I guide you to listen to the three different voices in your mind and show you the tools to discern the chatter that you should be listening to.

With skills in Reiki and Meditation Facilitation, I can help you move through the battles of your mind and help you get onto a better life path by helping you listen to your own inner guidance system.

Nationally recognised, I travel in Australia where I do readings and workshops to help people bring passionate purpose into their life. I also perform readings via phone and Skype to international clients.

“The best thing about the readings I do is the peace and happiness that spirit bring through to people giving them hope and guidance to improve their life amongst the confusion and pain they are often in. I truly love my work”.

I have been a medium for over 15 years now and am a very happy, empathetic and loving person and my goal is to assist you lead a better life and get on your life path with the guidance of spirit, including teaching you to learn to listen to your own soul.

I am a professional member of the International Psychics Association and IICT.  I have recently won  “Perth’s Nifnex Top Influential 100 award” for my efforts and contribution to community using my skills in my business.

I have also had many years of experience in small and medium business development in assisting the growth of the owners and their passions.

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