An Empowerment Coach, Psychic Medium Intuitive, Philanthropist and an unshakeable Optimist dedicated to helping you become the person you most want to be with purpose and passion.

As an Empowerment Coach, Author, Trainer, NLP Practitioner, Intuitive Psychic Medium, Healer, Meditation Teacher, and Reiki practitioner, my goal is to assist people to lead a life of self-direction to their purpose, joy, and happiness.

My purpose and passion is to truly help people heal. You know, that trauma that has thwarted your life into making bad sabotaging decisions in your life, relationships and finances? I help people who want to embrace their true self and release the trauma that stops them from having the life they truly want and deserve. Learning how to be confident and learn how to master your thoughts and embrace your true self; the inner self, the soul, the heart, and the mind.

I will teach you how to understand your mind's voices, what their agenda is and which one to listen to, how to overcome your fears and grow to have the life you want, without losing the love of others.

Whilst your mind pushes to be served, your clarity of direction becomes confused and internal conflict occurs against our core values of who we are or want to become. During these times, beliefs and values are conflicted and we become unbalanced, unstable, directionless, and even paralysed in fear. Bundle this together with the coercive influence of others' expectations and needs, can prevent you from moving forward and it is often really difficult to ascertain why our choices often repeat without any awareness of why.

When something holds you back from obtaining your goals, passions, and desires, it is often our mind's belief systems, morals, or values in conflict. I help you learn a combination of strategies for your self-empowerment whether it be for personal or professional reasons to go on to build your true self-worth and self-esteem.

I am a very happy, empathetic, and loving person, and Internationally recognised, my goal is to as many people I can to lead a life of purpose, joy, and happiness.

I am also the founder and CEO of Conscious Care.

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