An Empowerment Coach, Intuitive, Philanthropist and an unshakeable Optimist dedicated to helping you become the person you most want to be with purpose and passion.

As an Empowerment Coach, Author, Trainer, NLP Practitioner, Intuitive, Healer, Meditation Teacher, and Reiki practitioner, my goal is to assist people to lead a life of self direction to their purpose, joy and happiness. 

Growing is difficult to do when life throws curve balls and when our mind gets in the way of growth, purely for its own safety and security, being steadfast in its resolve, often sabotaging the better decisions we could make for our life.

However we are often left bewildered on what path to take to move forward away from pain and anguish to happiness and emotional balance. Our mind tells us one thing, however our gut will be pushing in another direction leaving us feeling that there are two entities vying for first place. If we stay in this state, anxiety and depression can prevail.

Whilst the mind pushes to be served, our clarity of direction becomes confused and internal conflict occurs against our core values of who we are or want to become. During these times, beliefs and values are conflicted and we become unbalanced, unstable, directionless and even paralysed in fear. 

Self-sabotaging behaviours and the coercive influence of other's expections and needs, can prevent you from moving forward and it is often really difficult to ascertain why our choices often repeat without any awareness of why.

When something holds you back from obtaining your goals, passions and desires, it is often our mind's belief systems, morals or values in conflict. I help you learn a combination of strategies for your self empowerment whether it be for personal or professional reasons. 

I work with my clients to bring them into conscious awareness of their decision making process that is thwarted by emotional belief systems and then move them into healing and better choices in life, whilst reprogramming new patterns of thoughts and behaviours to become self empowered.

I am a very happy, empathetic and loving person and Internationally recognised, my goal is to as many people I can to lead a life of purpose , joy and happiness.

I am also the founder and CEO of Conscious Care.

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