I'm Liz atherton

I am a Relationship Strategist, Life Coach, Author, Trainer, NLP Practitioner, Intuitive & Medium, Healer, Meditation Teacher, and Reiki practitioner. I am also the owner and CEO of Conscious Care Publishing & Conscious Care Community, a not-for-profit helping Australians suffering from domestic violence.

My skills assist you to gain clarity on your life direction, in particular with learning to grow without self-sabotaging behaviours or the influence of others to give you clear guidance forward to gain happiness and direction.

Growing is less difficult when we choose to move forward. But when life throws us curve balls, we are left bewildered on what path forward to take. Our mind gets in the way of growth purely for its own safety and security, being steadfast in its resolve. Whilst the soul pushes forward, our clarity of direction becomes confused and internal conflict occurs. During these times, beliefs and values are conflicted and we become unbalanced, unstable, directionless and even paralysed in fear. Our mind tell us one thing, however your soul will be pushing you forward. If we stay in this state, anxiety and depression can prevail.

A combination of strategies for your relationship within or with others will facilitate growth within you as to what aspect your mind is holding you back and what aspects of your soul is pushing forward.  During a session you will be given the advice of what you are currently going through and what steps to proceed with, conquering old fears, beliefs and values that no longer serve you.

I am a very happy, empathetic and loving person and Internationally recognised, my goal is to as many people I can to lead a life of purpose , joy and happiness using programs, products and direct sessions with my clients.

Liz Atherton

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