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Liz Atherton

Using evidential psychic mediumship skills, I can guide you to help you move forward and bring clarity with your life’s direction. Change is often a difficult and fearful time when our inner conflict begins reaking havoc in our life.

I have clients nationally and internationally and work directly with you to help you get your old belief systems out of the way and move toward your complete unique self.

My Mind Chatter That Matters book and workshops will help you discern which voices and their agendas are the best ones to follow, especially during inner conflict.

Psychic Reading Rockingham

I do channelled readings face to face, by phone or online. However I prefer Face to Face readings because I values the relationship with my clients and to be able to personally support you during your reading. However sometimes travel to my office at Rockingham in Western Australia is an issue so online or Phone readings are the next best option. More….

Book your reading Now!

Want to grab some friends and family together during the day or evening and have some fun? Psychic parties are a great opportunity to have several readings performed all at once. Each guest gets a CD recording of their reading and you can book half or one hour readings per guest.  Read more….

Reiki Healing

Reiki is a Japanese technique of stress reduction and relaxation and promotes healing, commonly termed as Reiki Healing. Reiki means “Universal Life Force” and it aims to improve health and enhance the quality of life. It treats the whole person, meaning the body, emotions, mind and spirit and creates a sense of wellbeing, relaxation, peace and security. Reiki is a natural and safe method of spiritual healing that promotes self-healing. It is applied through a gentle non-invasion touch. Read more…

what liz's clients are saying...

I hired Liz to do readings for a hens night I was throwing. Liz was so accurate in the information she gave to me! She handled everyone’s readings with great compassion as well as blending in with her good humour and easy going nature. I have already passed on Liz’s contact details to a number of friends as have the other guests at the party. I will continue to do so and will absolutely keep in contact with Liz. She has an amazing gift. Thank you for sharing it with us!

Amanda DiMasi

Thank you Liz for your reading. The reading made me feel very reassured of my feelings. I had a reading with Liz 6 months ago through Skype everything Liz interpreted from my spirit guides was correct. I felt I wanted another one just recently. Hope many more people feel open about Liz’s great gift she has. Thanks again.

Jacqueline Sunderland

I went in to see Liz a few weeks ago with a lot of things on my mind and a heavy heart. I wasn’t to sure of what to expect, but i went in with a open heart and open mind. My grandfather and an unty had come through as my spirit guides, and how she described them was right on point. She gave me clarity on a few things that i know i needed to hear. I went in not sure, and come out feeling like the world had been lifted off my shoulders. I just want to say a massive Thank you Liz! you really did help me in more ways than one. I have no problem with referring people to Liz:) I will def be back again in the Future!

Brenda Haurama

Went to see Liz a little sceptical.. Come out confronted by something I knew in my heart was true but didn’t want to acknowledge… After being diagnosed with breast cancer eight months ago and been through chemo and radio I made sure I displayed a positive attitude.. but inside had become a different story… don’t know who Liz had channelled through but my reaction to the words spoken had me defensive and then I became angry… by the time I got home I was in tears, very grateful and had sent her a message thanking her! It was just the kick I needed to get back on my feet, be true to myself and appreciate this beautiful life I am fortunate to be living (-;


I saw Liz today for some guidance about my current situation. I have a current court case that has been going through the family court in wa now for 3 years and i have recently just lost care of my 4 and a half year old daughter. Liz was able to reassure me that i am not to feel like im being punished for what has happened but to simply take it as a lesson learned and to stay on my new path in life. After seeing liz iv felt a huge sense of relief and that my stress level has reduced because she could give me a time frame on certain things that will happen in the future including a time frame on when i will get back custody of my daughter. She told me which career path i would take in the future, told me about my new relationship and what the future holds. My Grandmother and Grandfather both came through who have passed away and sent some messages for me which was really touching. She picked up on things that she didnt know about and was spot on with explaining my family members personalitys as well as mine. She was able to tell me what happened to some sentimental jewellery that was passed down to me by my grandmother and the thing that suprised me was she explained exactly what the jewellery was kept it when i had it.
Liz is a very warming person to go and see for a reading if you are in need of any answers, want to reach your loved ones who have passed away,reassurance or simply just some life guidance. I am so pleased to have chosen to go and see liz and would highly recommend her.

Courtney Carter

Hi Liz, Just want to say a big thank you for all your time today. It was wonderful, so accurate and full of information. Will definitely pass your details onto family & friends. Will definitely be back again also. Look forward to what ever you have coming up in the future. Lots of Love & Light, Debbie

Debbie Graham

Hi Liz. Just wanted to say thank you so much for the reading last week, Im half way through your book and am just so grateful that someone out there speaks my language. I could not have invited you into my life at a more perfect time (when I felt it was safe to grow/change my thoughts), I hope to grow in leaps and bounds to be true to myself, when I am ready I will come in for an hour to release anything and everything on the unconscious level to grow further. Until then I am working through things and can honestly say seeing you and reading your book has changed my life (can’t wait to get to the end but am taking it all in). Thank you for being there when I needed someone to start the way ? I only hope you are graced with a blessing from above.
Kindest regards,


Hi Liz. Just wanted to let you know your reading was right! 2 things out of it so far, about moving house and having drama with the real estate agent and then being happier in a new home, correct! Had major drama about our old bond, but are now so happy in our new home! And about falling pregnant this month, just got a positive pregnancy test today! Thank you so much for your accurate reading!!!


A friend of mine gave me Liz’s card after having a reading with her. I was a bit sceptical as I have had readings before and only one had ever resonated with me. I saw Liz at her office in Rockingham for my reading and because I was sceptical I only gave Liz my first name and mobile number. As soon as Liz started reading she was completely accurate. My late Grandfather came through and I was really surprised as I had not been expecting him to contact me. After this Liz read from my guides and was 100% accurate in everything she told me. Liz was able to pin point every single health problem I was experiencing (and had been experiencing for a number of years) and help direct me to overcome these problems. After my reading I had six sessions of reiki with Liz to help with health problems I was experiencing. The reiki was amazing and each session helped me to overcome problems I had for years and had been told was ‘un-treatable’ by Western medicine. The reiki also really helped me to get in touch with my spirituality and intuition and overcome my fears in relation to the spirit world.

I have since relocated to New South Wales from Western Australia and since this time I have had two phone readings with Liz for direction and clarification. Both readings have helped me immensely and most of the predictions have occurred a short time after the reading. I am still awaiting some of the longer term predictions Liz had informed me will occur and am pretty excited.

I will always consult Liz on tough life matters through her readings and as a way to get in touch with my spirit guides. I was a complete sceptic before I came to Liz with no idea about spirit guides or past lives or anything! I have recommended countless friends and family to Liz and I would recommend seeing Liz even if you are a sceptic because I am 100% confident that she will change your views and provide you with the guidance you are seeking.


My friends and I thoroughly enjoyed our readings on Friday night. Your accuracy was amazing and left me feeling reassured and at ease. Your truly an amazing person with a funny and compassionate soul. I will definitely be holding more parties in the future. Thank you Liz.


My father came through in my channelling with Liz. The information that Liz received and passed onto me absolutely verified that she was channelling Dad. I received some strong guidance through Liz and Dad’s information.