Psychic Readings - Liz Atherton
Liz Atherton

Ive been doing psychic mediumship readings for 16 years now and thoroughly enjoy using my variety of mediumship skills to help people. Between describing the looks and personality of passed over loved ones, along with the cause of their passing, I feel so much gratitude in being able to help people overcome their loss of their loved ones.

Spirit typically work through me using my Clairvoyant (clear seeing), Clairaudience (clear hearing), Clairsentinent (clear feeling), Clairsentient (clear sensing), Clairalient (clear smelling) and Remote Viewing to help you gain clarity on your life and current issues.

I specifically work with how your ego mind differentiates with your spirit/soul and get you on track with living your true purposeful life.

I’ve often said that I am the radio receiver when channeling and pass through messages you will often sense beforehand and have confirmed in your reading. If you have lots of inner conflict mentally, you may not even hear your inner voice.

Not everyone comes to me with a problem. Sometimes its just a void they feel at the time, some with high levels of anxiety and others relationship issues or just wanting to touch base with their spirit guides to confirm their direction. I love how direct spirit work through me for my clients.

My style of readings are very direct and helpful where you will learn to start to listen to your own inner voice. My book Mind Chatter That Matters can help you discern your inner voices and their agendas so you can instigate your soul’s guidance.


Available Face-to-Face, Phone or Online

60 minutes including a CD - $180 


Available Face-to-Face, Phone or Online

20 minutes including a CD - $70

40 minutes including a CD - $120

60 minutes including a CD - $180


Available Face-to-Face

20 minutes including a CD - $50

40 minutes including a CD - $90

40 minutes  with Reading  - $110