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Relationships are not always easy, however when one partner doesn't respect the needs of the other, pain and suffering happens. But where do we draw the line on what is abusive and violent? 

Many people believe their relationship isn't abusive because it isn't physically violent. If you are suffering emotionally, mentally, sexually and financially, you may be also suffering Family and Domestic Violence.

Depression, anxiety and stress can be big indicators of abuse regardless of your gender, culture, creed or colour. We need to learn how to work through how to establish whether our relationships are healthy or unhealthy or even abusive and toxic. Staying in a relationship that is negative can be psychologically adverse on our and our children's well being and abusive partners can be difficult at the best of times!

Many people remain in unhealthy relationship for varied reasons but generally when controlled and limited options are available, it can be difficult to end your relationship.

Learn what is Healthy Relating and what isn't

Learn the difference between healthy relating versus unhealthy, or even toxic and abusive relating. Every relationship has its ups and downs, but toxic and abusive relationships have distinctive patters of behaviours that are detrimental to everyone involved.

Problems repeating 
Again & Again? 

Cycles of loving highs, stressful lows, promises of a better future and wanting to reduce your extreme stress can make breaking free from a toxic or abusive relationship difficult, but knowing what to do when stress is reigning, and you feel numb, is challenging.

Don't know where to Start to get your life back?

Gain the knowledge and power you need to stop the cycle you are in, particularly when clear thinking evades you, learn the daunting legal system processes on how to set clear boundaries in State Civil courts and the Family Court of Australia.

Get the Guide to move you forward to being happy again!

Finally a handbook that helps you escape from past or present toxic or abusive relationships!

In this ground breaking book, author Liz Atherton educates you the steps, options and pitfalls to avoid when considering to leave or have left your toxic or abusive relationship regardless of your colour, race, creed or gender.


  • If your relationship is healthy, unhealthy or toxic & abusive
  • What are natural relationship stages and varied love types 
  • If your relationship's patterns are affecting your stress levels
  • What relationship myths exist
  • The variety of abuse you may have dismissed
  • About the difference between equality -vs- power & control
  • If you are suffering from the symptoms and cycles of violence 
  • How Family & Domestic Violence affects you and your children
  • That you may be at high risk of further violence and what you can do about it
  • How to confront fears with options and ways to manage a plan to move forward
  • The legal challenges that you may be confronted with whilst setting new boundaries
  • How the Local Court and Family Court can help you set now boundaries and stay safe
  • The variety of abuse you may have dismissed
  • What is required in court, including evidence for you and your children's safety
  • How to seek help and what resources are available to you to exit your relationship

After experiencing and overcoming a toxic and abusive relationship, author Liz Atherton leads other victims of abusive partners into healing through her work as a Empowement Coach. Her goal is to help prevent others experiencing the traumatic stresses of ending a relationship with an abuser and the prevailing police and court systems one has to endure. Her ground breaking work shall point you in the right direction when stress reigns and fears are heightened to give you the options of moving forward to live a happy life of freedom, even if your relationship has already ended!

Staying in an ABUSIVE RELATIONSHIP can be DANGEROUS and leaving even more so! Relentless stress, fearful thoughts and experiences can keep you grid locked and you'll discover options and resources available to escape or deal with an abuser, even if you have left them!


I have had many experiences in my life that have left me very emotionally damaged, dating right back to when I was a young girl through to adult hood, brokenhearted from men.  As a result of these traumatic experiences, I suffer from post traumatic stress.

I would say for over 12 years I have been seeing psychologists, counsellors and healers.  I was so desperate to get help with coping with my traumas and also wanting too understand why I have pattern with picking certain men that obviously were not healthy for me. Twelve years and not one of the professional people I sought help from made me any clearer or any better at all. I felt so lost still and struggled with so many aspects of my life and choices.

Then, I met Liz...

After only seeing Liz twice she made me see my patterns, why I have them, why I choose the men I do. For the first time I understood "me". I felt such a sense of freedom, strength, and love/respect for myself finally.  Liz gave me the tools to work on myself, my triggers, and made me understand why I make the choices I do. She was so spot on. Liz helped me and is still helping me heal my wounds from younger years.  I have read Liz's books which was incredible for me. I felt like a chef finally reading the most insightful secret recipe book in the world. My life has changed since meeting Liz, I will continue to see Liz for as long as she is still working. I can tell you this is not just a job for Liz, she is a beautiful, caring, woman with such a loving energy. I can not thank Liz enough for changing my life. ❤️


I wish I had this book back when I was in this situation! A fantastic resource offering very practical step by step guidance of the challenges, services and resources needed to get out and get free. This resource would have saved me an enormous amount of stress and assisted with avoiding some of the mistakes easily made navigating my way through a very non-user friendly system.

This book needs to be available for those needing it the most and at the time they need it, I recommend this is handed out to people at refuges and Centrelink.

I have been a client of Liz's for over two years, and Liz has been my lifeline through a very dark period of grief in losing my son. I am forever grateful and cannot recommend Liz highly enough.


I met Liz in June 2018. I was at a turning point in my life where I hadn’t made my own decisions for 14 years and had looked for outward validation for happiness rather than looking within.

Not only has Liz taught me to trust my intuition, my gut and follow my path, through my guides, she has also taught me life lessons based on her wide knowledge of the words we use and how it affects our soul.

Liz is the real deal. And genuinely cares for her clients.

Through the continued experience and connection with Liz I am developing my soul to mind connection even all while, being a huge over thinker, and understand relationships on a different level while building my self worth and accepting what will be will be.

Your my guardian angel on earth Liz xx


My name is Deanne and I'm a 69 year old woman that has lived in domestic violence. I've just read Liz Atherton's book called Get Out Get Free. I only wished that it had been around in my 20's. I was embarrassed and full of shame and didn't know where to turn for help when I was abused. This book is like a bible for guidance, and will help many victims of Domestic Violence.

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