Do you get confused with all your opposing voices in your head? 

Need more clarity on making decisions?

Are you paralysed with moving forward because you are not sure of what decision to make or your fears holding you back?

Every person has Mind Chatter, the mind’s inner voices. Without realising, most people are living in either their past or possible future, rather than their present moment. In the present, your mind can observe your mind chatter and make better decisions rather than the conflicting inner voices.

Mind Chatter That Matters will provide you with skills you can use for the rest of your life by learning to observe, analyse and act on your mind chatter to entertain, listen to and embrace the right voice to bring you the happiest and fulfilling life you desire.

Author, Liz Atherton will show you how to discover your voices’ agenda and skills to work through how they oppose each other to follow the voice that will bring back your passion and purpose of your life.

We all internalise experiences from our lives and you may be allowing the wrong internalised voice to drive your life, rather than making conscious decisions that won't sabotage you now or in your future.

Through her workshops and book, you will be given clear instructions on how to discern what each of your voices are along with their agendas to show you the path to the most important of all voices to entertain and embrace.