data use policy

This Data Usage Policy explains how we target both editorial and advertising content to improve your experience with our digital properties.

We hope that this Data Usage Policy helps you understand, and feel more confident about, our conduct in this regard. If you have any further queries or requests, please contact us at liz@lizatherton.com

By using any digital property which is linked to this Policy, you agree to our conduct in accordance with this Policy. We may change this Policy at any time. Please take a look at the Last Updated date at the bottom of this Policy to see when it was last revised. Any changes in this Policy will become effective when we make the revised Data Usage Policy available on or through the Site.

We collect information about your interaction and use of our websites, digital and mobile services across our network. This information does not identify you personally except in some circumstances where you are logged in as a registered user whom we recognise. This information is generally associated with your browser or your device. Some of the information is provided by the browser itself. We also use technologies such as cookies, web beacons, and pixels to collect information about your browsing activity on and off our network of digital properties. These technologies may also be used in emails or newsletters we send you and may also be used to identify you on third-party websites.

The information collected can include information such as your IP address, the type of browser you use, the website you came from, the pages you view within our network, what you click on and the time you spend on a page. We may associate your browser and/or device with other browsers or devices you use. We may also supplement this collected information with information collected from other trusted businesses with whom you also have a relationship or from public sources. All of this is anonymous information (unless we collect it when you are logged in as a recognisable registered user) and we may use it to provide you with editorial content and advertising (both on and off our network of digital properties) which we believe will be more relevant to you. We may also share that anonymous information with third parties for them to provide relevant advertising.

We may also use this collected data for other purposes relating to our business such as data matching, campaign analysis and maximisation, modelling and the development of consumer insights about you to better understand your preferences and interests. These processes will usually allow us to enhance our accuracy of personalising the service we provide you as well as targeting relevant content and advertising to you or to assist others with whom we have a commercial relationship to do the same.

You can opt out of us engaging in behavioural targeting of advertising using this collected data by clicking here. Please be mindful that this will not stop all targeting of advertising for various reasons including:

  • there can still be targeting based on the nature of the content of the page which includes the ad;
  • third party activity which we do not control; and
  • IP addresses can be used to generate approximate geographical data which can be used also for determining relevant content.

If you choose to opt out we can still use the anonymous data for other purposes without restriction. The opt out is only in relation to targeting of advertising content. We will continue to use information which we have in order to improve your experience with us and our content. Be mindful also that this opt out is effected using a cookie so that if you delete your cookies you will also be deleting the opt out. You will therefore need to opt out again to prevent our sites targeting advertising to you based on anonymous browsing activity.

If you have questions about this Data Use Policy, or to request a hard copy, please contact our Privacy Officer at:

Email: liz@lizatherton.com

Mail: National Privacy Officer, Liz Atherton Pty Ltd, PO Box 342, Southport QLD 4215, Australia