Mind Chatter That Matters - Liz Atherton

mind chatter that matters 

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Every person has Mind Chatter, the mind’s inner voices. Most people in their minds, without realising are living in either their past or possible future, rather than their present moment. In the present, your mind can observe your mind chatter and make better decisions rather than the conflicting inner voices.

Learning to use your Mind Chatter by observing, analysing and acting on the right voice, rather than letting a particular voice control your life. We all internalise experiences from our lives and may be allowing the wrong internalised voice to drive your life, rather than making conscious decisions that wont sabotage you.

Liz Atherton has studied Mind Chatter to help thousands of people move forward in their lives together with her NLP, counselling, mediumship and healing skills. Liz has authored Mind Chatter That Matters where she teaches you about your different inner voices and how to follow your own innate guidance system, your Instinctual Self. Through her workshops and book, you will be given clear instructions on how to discern what each of your voices are along with their agendas to show you the path to the most important of all voices to entertain and embrace.

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