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Reiki & Frequency Healing

Healing sessions up to 90 minutes

The energy-healing practice of Frequency Healing combined with Reiki Healing is an alternative healing therapy which is safe and has no side effects. The body is more than a physical entity and energetic healing helps all aspects of you, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. It helps you to have a positive mindset and happier lifestyle by helping you with physical illnesses right through to mental conditions.  It is excellent to assist with stress and how it interferes with your mind and body.

This combined method assists to clear your negative energy, thoughts and emotional toxins from your body and relax your body.  If you suffer from fatigue, chronic pain, inflammation, emotions such as anger, jealousy, guilt, insecurity, resentment, overwhelm , depression, ongoing stress or other, energetic healing can help alleviate those heavy burdens from your mind, body and soul.

The experience uses calming and peaceful techniques to clear your mind rather than simply targeting your body physically.  Listen to soft music in a peaceful atmosphere whilst you lie on a table fully clothed for at least an hour.  Some people even experience a warm, glowing energy.

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Appointment Location: Rockingham, Western Australia.

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