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I attended Liz's Mind Chatter Workshop as a guest with my friend who really thought I would get something out of it. She knew I was going through some rough times feeling lost and in limbo with my life so she asked me to go with her. I wasn't too sure what it was about but I am open to anything spiritual and for personal growth. I was quite amazed at what Liz was teaching us especially about the different ego's we have and how to learn to listen to the right voice, not doubting the first thing that comes to mind because it's usually correct. It was an eye opener and a lot of things finally made sense when I walked out of the class.

I wish I had this book back when I was in this situation! A fantastic resource offering very practical step by step guidance of the challenges, services and resources needed to get out and get free. This resource would have saved me an enormous amount of stress and assisted with avoiding some of the mistakes easily made navigating my way through a very non-user friendly system.

This book needs to be available for those needing it the most and at the time they need it, I recommend this is handed out to people at refuges and Centrelink.

When I first went to Liz’s workshop I really did not know what to expect. Mind chatter... I mean what is that? At the end of the workshop I was amazed at the information that Liz had presented, the constant mental conflict in our minds sometimes is so full on that we do not know which voice to listen too. Liz’s mind chatter workshop shows you how to identify which voice, why that voice and where it is coming from. It is quite life changing in the way that if you can apply those principles in which she outlines in the workshop you can have clarity in your decisions making this is life changing workshop, one which I do recommend to anyone who experiences mental conflict at times.

Excellent workshop! Thanks for a thought-provoking afternoon of lateral-thinking, envelope-pushing, and Freudian fun! Highly recommended.

I have had many experiences in my life that have left me very emotionally damaged, dating right back to when I was a young girl through to adult hood, brokenhearted from men. As a result of these traumatic experiences, I suffer from post traumatic stress.

I would say for over 12 years I have been seeing psychologists, counsellors and healers. I was so desperate to get help with coping with my traumas and also wanting too understand why I have pattern with picking certain men that obviously were not healthy for me. Twelve years and not one of the professional people I sought help from made me any clearer or any better at all. I felt so lost still and struggled with so many aspects of my life and choices.

Then, I met Liz...

After only seeing Liz twice she made me see my patterns, why I have them, why I choose the men I do. For the first time I understood "me". I felt such a sense of freedom, strength, and love/respect for myself finally. Liz gave me the tools to work on myself, my triggers, and made me understand why I make the choices I do. She was so spot on. Liz helped me and is still helping me heal my wounds from younger years. I have read Liz's books which was incredible for me. I felt like a chef finally reading the most insightful secret recipe book in the world. My life has changed since meeting Liz, I will continue to see Liz for as long as she is still working. I can tell you this is not just a job for Liz, she is a beautiful, caring, woman with such a loving energy. I can not thank Liz enough for changing my life. ❤️

Hi Liz, thank you for today, the Mind Chatter Workshop was very interesting and helpful. Excited about practising some of the techniques. I was shocked when I opened my envelop, Ramzi, you were spot on, more than I considered. Great afternoon with great people.

My wife and I attended the “Mind Chatter That Matters” workshop. We both found it to be a very enlightening experience. The workshop was delivered in a very clear and concise manner. Liz explained the concepts really well and we both feel that we actually learnt more than we expected to learn. For me personally I now have a much better understanding of how my Soul communicates with me, and also a better understanding of when the messages aren't from my Soul. We thoroughly recommend this workshop for anyone seeking understanding and clarification with regards to busy mind chatter.

Hi Liz. Just wanted to say thank you so much for the reading last week, Im half way through your book and am just so grateful that someone out there speaks my language. I could not have invited you into my life at a more perfect time (when I felt it was safe to grow/change my thoughts), I hope to grow in leaps and bounds to be true to myself, when I am ready I will come in for an hour to release anything and everything on the unconscious level to grow further. Until then I am working through things and can honestly say seeing you and reading your book has changed my life (can’t wait to get to the end but am taking it all in). Thank you for being there when I needed someone to start the way ? I only hope you are graced with a blessing from above.
Kindest regards,

I was lucky enough to attend Liz's Mind Chatter workshop. I had previously studied a good deal of the psychological theories regarding how the 'layers' of consciousness work, and how they shape the way we see the world, such as the work of Freud/Jung. So it was not foreign to me when Liz presented their work in the beginning of the workshop, however I always felt that the psychologists never gave us any techniques for observing and altering the constructs of the me mind, in order to achieve happiness and well-being.
Liz on the other-hand has formulated a lot of the knowledge she gained first hand from walking the spiritual path, into easy to understand tips and techniques for her students to use in their day to day lives.
This has been a big help to me so far, as I can understand that not all my thoughts come from the same part of my mind, or have the same agenda. By coming to terms with that simple truth, it is much easier to navigate through the mental fog that mind chatter can often confuse us with.
Another thing I really enjoyed was that Liz includes an explanation of how her psychic abilities work, with the foundations of knowledge presented by psychologists. This for me was a first, and I really feel as though Liz is doing a good deal of pioneering there.
Over-all the workshop was presented in a very humble, and friendly manner. There were refreshments, and everyone seemed to have left their ego at the door. I strongly recommend this workshop to everyone, as mind chatter is something we all struggle with.

Silvana Birss
Adele Johnson
Dr. David Morgan
Ann-Marie Pearson
Ramzi Abboud
Zaine Morgan

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