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Hello Liz. Just want to express my heartfelt gratitude for your reading regarding mom and dad. It has given me immense relief and a hope to move on. Your readings are comforting as they are real. You also touched upon other crucial aspects of my life and for that I am truly grateful. I will see you again. Thanks you for bringing peace, hope and hapiness to many lives. Love and light.


Hi Liz, Just want to say a big thank you for all your time today. It was wonderful, so accurate and full of information. Will definitely pass your details onto family & friends. Will definitely be back again also. Look forward to what ever you have coming up in the future. Lots of Love & Light, Debbie

Debbie Graham

Liz identified about my daughter's cows milk intolerance, Liz was able to guide me in to what steps i needed to take. I found Liz to be a very good medium. The information i received was accurate to what was going on for me at the time. Liz was able to guide me in a few areas that i needed assistance with. i will definitely be recommending Liz as well as having future readings for myself from Liz.


Thanks for an amazing reading Liz. I felt def connection with my departed friend and found the peace and happiness I craved. It was as if the three of us were in the room together! Thank you so much.


Thankyou Liz for your reading!. I am so glad i chose to come and see you, the information you gave me has given me strength to keep on fighting. I thank-you for the messages you could give me from my loved ones that have passed away. I was nervous to start with but your warming personality calmed me. I look forward to coming to see you again in the near future for another reading because there was information that you told me that has been spot on. Thankyou so much! I feel like a big reliefs been taken off my shoulders and Ive taken on your advice and things have been so much better for me so once again thankyou!!.

Courtney Carter

Hi Liz. Just wanted to say thank you so much for the reading last week, Im half way through your book and am just so grateful that someone out there speaks my language. I could not have invited you into my life at a more perfect time (when I felt it was safe to grow/change my thoughts), I hope to grow in leaps and bounds to be true to myself, when I am ready I will come in for an hour to release anything and everything on the unconscious level to grow further. Until then I am working through things and can honestly say seeing you and reading your book has changed my life (can’t wait to get to the end but am taking it all in). Thank you for being there when I needed someone to start the way ? I only hope you are graced with a blessing from above.
Kindest regards,


My friends and I thoroughly enjoyed our readings on Friday night. Your accuracy was amazing and left me feeling reassured and at ease. Your truly an amazing person with a funny and compassionate soul. I will definitely be holding more parties in the future. Thank you Liz.


I went and saw Liz today and she was incredible! She has helped me understand so much and filled in gaps within myself that I didn’t even know existed! Would highly recommend her to anyone and will definitely see her again sometime xxx

Shaynea Kissell

I want to thank Liz for my reading last week. Was amazing and so accurate as to what she said. One thing my grandmother was saying I will have a job very soon. I went home and applied for a job (last Friday) by Monday I had an interview for Wednesday. Well today a from my reading I got the call that I have the job. I am also so glad that my best friend who had passed came through. So glad to know he is still with me. Will definitely recommend and see her again


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