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Let’s face it, life in the fast lane can be very distracting and engulfing and in order to succeed we all need to learn to listen to our soul for guidance but how do we know which voice is what?

My name is Liz Atherton and I am here to help you! I help people all over the world as a Life Facilitator, Coach, Spiritual Counsellor & Medium, Speaker and Author and NLP Practitioner.

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I am here to help you get you results fast, whether you want guidance with your Mind Chatter or confirmation of your life path, current issues, or self sabotaging behaviours and relationships, you are now that close to learning how to live your life purposefully and passionately! Yes both personally and professionally.

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When I first went to Liz’s workshop I really did not know what to expect. Mind chatter… I mean what is that? At the end of the workshop I was amazed at the information that Liz had presented, the constant mental conflict in our minds sometimes is so full on that we do not know which voice to listen too. Liz’s mind chatter workshop shows you how to identify which voice, why that voice and where it is coming from. It is quite life changing in the way that if you can apply those principles in which she outlines in the workshop you can have clarity in your decisions making this is life changing workshop, one which I do recommend to anyone who experiences mental conflict at times.

Adele Johnson

Liz is simply amazing. I have been seeing her for more than 2 years now and i have seen the change in myself on how I see things in life. I feel so relief after each reading and she has helped me through alot of tough times. Liz is sincere and she genuinely cares about her clients. I would not see anyone else but her. Thank you liz and love you for everything you have done for me. – Grace Andenes

Grace Andenes

Mind Chatter That Matters Book

The Ultimate Guide to Your Inner Conflict

Do you get confused with all your opposing voices in your head?

Need more clarity on making decisions?

Are you paralysed with moving forward because you are not sure of what decision to make or your fears holding you back?

Mind Chatter That Matters will provide you with skills you can use for the rest of your life by learning to observe, analyse and act on your mind chatter to entertain, listen to and embrace the right voice to bring you the happiest and fulfilling life you desire.

Author, Liz Atherton will show you how to discover your voices’ agenda and skills to work through how they oppose each other to follow the voice that will bring back your passion and purpose of your life.

This book is now also available worldwide in bookstores and online at Amazon.

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